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Redmarker Systems (Pvt) Ltd was founded for the sole purpose of providing advanced digital solutions to overcome the existing caveats of our century-old education system. Since its inception, we have meticulously developed solutions in-house, that is based on years of on-ground experience of our team and compliments outcomes of various focused group discussions with key stakeholders. Our solutions are specifically designed to optimize the complete value chain of examination/ assessment systems by introducing alternate digital services that most of our current and potential clients desire.

The prevalent manual assessment system in Pakistan is costly, error-prone, easily manipulated, and lacks quality and monitoring checks to ensure transparency. We are providing a digitalized alternative to revamp the entire traditional marking system to overcome major shortcomings, that will instill trust, improve cost-effectiveness, substantially decrease processing times and add value for clients such as annotated data for complex micro-level analytical reports useful for policymaking and goal setting. Our solutions have the potential to stimulate the digital transformation of our education system which is a dire need in the current scenario, in-line with overall Digital Pakistan vision of the government.

Key Services

We have developed a robust and secure Online-Onscreen marking solution of descriptive answer scripts. rMarker can be used for marking, scoring, result generation, and analysis. rMarker is a web-based software solution that provides a 24/7 platform for convenience and increased productivity. This platform enables e-markers to check papers from any remote location without being present in a controlled environment normally required for testing & paper checking. To provide more flexibility and transparency, the system provides a real-time dashboard to clients through which they can monitor key indicators in real-time and can also generate various kinds of performance reports.

Online Onscreen Marking

Online Exam Builder

It is a unique solution that addresses vulnerabilities in the traditional model by leveraging innovative technology to curb question paper leaks in high stakes examinations. With our rTestGen solution, we can eliminate security breaches and fraudulent misuse of the question papers. Our solution provides test developers and subject matter experts (SMEs) a set of tools to facilitate the writing, review, editing, and selection of test questions. It also provides the automation, standardization, and scalability essential to developing and maintaining effective tests. Our item banking system enables remote collaboration for virtual item creation, review, and approval and can address the most pressing development, efficiency, and consistency challenges.

For assessment processes to improve, it is imperative to have analytics for better decision making. Red Marker Systems provides its clients with key data analysis and reports based on each client’s individual needs. All data generated through the use of our solutions is stored safely and utilized to generate customized insights and trends. This greatly helps decision makers shape their policies in relation with the strengths and weaknesses or area of focus as per their needs and requirements. The time and effort required to compile and generate reports is considerably reduced through this one-click feature.

Data Analysis and Reports



It is an Online-Onscreen marking solution of descriptive answer scripts that allows e-markers to efficiently carry out assessments of various forms of questions such as Essay Type Questions (ETQs), Short Response Questions (SRQs), and Constructive Response Questions (CRQs).


We are the first company in Pakistan to introduce a unique solution that enables our clients to create, modify, validate, analyze and store items in a secure database. rTestGen allows our clients to engage internal and external item writers remotely to diversify their databank while adding all necessary tagging to items essential for intelligent and efficient paper generation.


It is an advanced Optical Mark Reader (OMR) that is capable of marking Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) without the need to fill out a corresponding traditional bubble sheet. Our solution automatically marks student responses on ordinary exam sheets instead of specific OMR Sheets with extremely high level of accuracy.

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Red Marker Systems developed its solutions based on more than 10 years’ experience of its team in the assessment sector. All key stakeholders were engaged in all provinces and regions through Focused Group Discussions to pinpoint pains of the industry and highlight shortcomings of the existing manual systems. As a result, our solutions are well-thought-out that address key issues through digitization and optimization. Our solutions are the first to be commercially available in Pakistan that are saving a substantial cost to our clients. Real-time monitoring and enhanced quality checks are helping our clients keep a track of all processes enhancing their productivity and effectiveness.


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