rMarker has been specifically designed to be transparent with features such as automatic masking which also minimizes any malpractices. It is an economical alternative solution to traditional marking as it provides a 24×7 marking facility and automated data entry. It also generates automated results which eradicates any possibility of human error. It provides real-time and accurate micro-level data to clients that they can utilize in policy formulation and goal setting. All the records of assessed booklets and e-marking assignment statuses are automatically updated on rMarker’s dashboard which can be accessed and assessed by the client. rMarker generates result cards and a number of analytical reports as per client requirements on a single click.


rTestGen is a comprehensive solution designed specifically to digitize item creation and management in a cost effective and collaborative method. It is uniquely placed to standardize item creation, paper generation as well as the entire assessment sector of Pakistan. It facilitates item creation by providing Item Writers with option to add multiple tagging to each item such as type of item, strand, topic, competency, standard, benchmark, Student Learning Outcome, cognitive levels, as well as difficulty levels. Its easy-to-use writing canvas allows Item Writers to add different types of texts in multiple languages as well as add photos where required. It also provides a hierarchical review and approval method where each item is reviewed by Subject Specialists, Assessment Experts, Technical Translators, Psychometricians, before its testing. Once an item has been tested, it allows psychometricians to add psychometric properties to each item. All items are securely managed in the client specific database from which any type of paper can be generated based on the selected criterion using single type or a combination of types of items.


rOpt works with an image scanner to scan and process the answer sheets; processed data can be saved into various easy to use formats. We provide our clients with trainings and instruction manuals to easily set up and manage rOpt with one-day training course. By successfully completing this course, key personnel can train our solution on reading a particular format of an answer sheet in few clicks. This training of rOpt is only required once for a particular format of answer sheet and rOpt can read answers with precision for the same format over and over again. It also has built-in exception handling functions that easily locate and allows the user to correct or verify any erroneously marked forms.