Our business model is based upon safeguarding integrity, confidentiality and security of every product or service we provide to our clients. For this purpose, we have ensured that our products are developed in an absolute secure environment, with strict access hierarchy that cannot be overruled. We have worked tirelessly with our team to embed proven security protocols in our products that have been tested and proven to be reliable and secure.

Secure Client Access

Our client portals are password protected with access rights that we mutually agree with our clients. User access is also managed through multi-factor authentication control mechanism. Our clients get ‘always-on’ 24×7 secure access to our services and data as required.

Human Resource

We are committed to provide accurate results through our services and for this purpose, we have robust vetting processes to hire personnel who are regularly updated and trained on security protocols within the organization. We make sure all personnel working for us fits the job role and is well aware of the security of our products and services alike.

Our registered e-markers go through a rigorous screening process to ensure we have eligible e-markers who are provided with regular training on our products. E-markers use internet access for any marking assignment on our platforms that provides them secured 24×7 access. We also have an in-house, high-tech scanning facility that allows us to scan all documentation with high quality which is easily readable for e-markers. All data pertaining to e-marking assignments is archived and available for audit trail as per the client requirements.

Storage and archiving

All digital copies of any relevant documentation are encrypted and securely stored at our server locations. We also provide archiving facility for associated hard copies for a maximum period of five years after which, with client’s consent, these can be shredded. We provide the space and security of such processes if required.